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The Ascend Dashboard contains a variety of different tools designed to provide advertisers with an efficient way to measure their affiliate program’s performance, act on important notifications, and establish future goals.

Perhaps the most important section of the dashboard is the Action Needed box. Here, advertisers can locate pending publisher applications, transaction errors, product feed errors, transaction inquiries, as well as links to other helpful information, like the weekly interface demo. Advertisers should review al pending notifications regularly.

To the right of the Action Needed box, advertisers can review their monthly KPI goals. Three of a possible nine KPIs are available for monthly tracking in real-time. More information about KPI goals can be found here. As the end of the month approaches, a banner will appear reminding advertisers to set the next month’s KPI goals.

The dashboard contains two fields regarding the financial performance and management of the program. First, the Program Status box outlines commission by status, total sales, and if applicable, total leads. The Financial Summary box outlines the current funds available in the account. Advertisers using the auto escrow payment system should regularly ensure that the minimum required account balance is available.

Finally, the dashboard offers two performance widgets for monitoring overall and top publisher performance. Both include filters to display performance based on revenue, conversion rate, ROAS, transaction count, spend, and traffic. The Overall Performance widget also includes a comparison option.