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Program Financials Report

Program Financials reports allow advertisers to understand the activity that generated the fees and corrections in their invoices.


·        Determine the status of commission to publishers.

·        Understand financial performance of the program overall or for publishers or specific groups of publishers.

To access the report:

Click Track > Program Financials to access both the Program Commission Status and Invoice Activity Reports.

Program Commission Status Report

Filters at the top provide options to select a Publisher ID and Date Range.

Program Commission Status report includes:

  • Affiliate- name of the publisher
  • Status- commission status in the locking period
    • Unconfirmed- Commissions that tracked through a non-traditional pixel and will need to be confirmed prior to being paid out.
    • Pending- Commission was tracked and is currently pending based on the advertiser locking period for each order. Advertiser locking period can be 30, 45 or 60 days. Pending commissions need to lock in order to be eligible for an upcoming payment.
    • Locked- Commissions have locked and will be paid out on the upcoming payment cycle.
    • Delayed- Commissions have not yet been paid, this is typically due to an outstanding invoice
    • Paid- Commissions have been paid out to a publisher
  • Sale Amount- total revenue driven
  • Commission (Total)- total commission including both publisher commission as well as transaction fees

Invoice Activity Report

Filters at the top provide options to select a Publisher ID, Publisher Group, Credit/Debit, Invoice ID, Creative Type, Order ID, and Date Range.

Invoice Activity report includes:

  • Transaction ID- Ascend’s unique identifier for the transaction
  • ID- the unique identifier assigned to the publisher
  • Publisher- name of the publisher
  • Company- publisher’s company name
  • Order ID- the unique identifier of the order 
  • Link Type- creative type that was utilized
  • Sale Amount- total revenue driven for the item
  • Affiliate Commission- publisher commission for the transaction
  • Site Commission- Pepperjam’s transaction fee for the transaction
  • Sale Date- date sale occurred
  • Process Date- date transaction was ingested by Ascent. This date reflects any corrections or reconciliations to a transaction
  • Status- status of transaction within the locking cycle
  • Action- the details button will provide additional details on the transaction
  • Optional column and Publisher URL may be included

 All reports can be printed or downloaded with the    button in the top right of the report.