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Benchmark Report

Benchmark Report

Track’s Benchmark Report enables advertisers to compare their quarterly performance against lookalike advertiser groups on Ascend™.  The platform curates lookalike groups using industry metrics, platform performance and demographics.
How to access the Benchmark Report:

  1. Go to the left navigation in Ascend™
  2. Select Track
  3. Click on Benchmark Report


Report orientation:

There are three tabs on this report that each presentdifferent views of the data :

  1. Comparison:  Evaluate your data against the metrics from the Ascend™ platform’s lookalike group. Use the  alignment metric to assess how your data stacks up against that of the lookalike group with no additional calculation required.
  2. Lookalike:  View only the metrics for the lookalike group.
  3. My Metrics:  Your quarterly program metrics.

The glossary provides a comprehensive list of the benchmark metrics, their calculations and their benefits.  Access the glossary through the link at the top right of the report.
Learn More
Access this user guide through the Learn More link at the top left of the report.
Data Source
Benchmark report data is sourced through Ascend(TM) Summary data. These metrics are liable to change pending corrections and returns processed by the platform.
Benchmark data can be sorted by quarter. To filter your results, choose both a quarter and a y ear:

  1. Data is available from the first quarter of 2018 through present
  2. Choose a single quarter to see results
    1. If you select multiple quarters, an error message will populate. To remedy this, remove selections until there is a single quarter selected.

Report data sections:
Active Partner Categories
Active partner categories are those that are driving traffic and/or revenue to your program. Identify which partner categories active in comparison to the lookalike group with the metrics below:  Click Active:  Green check mark indicates that partners in that category are driving traffic within the selected quarter.

  1. Revenue Active:  Green check mark indicates that partners in that category are driving revenue within the selected quarter.
  2. Average Commission Rate: Average partner payout (in percent) for each category within the selected quarter for your program and/or the lookalike.
  3. Partner Categories:  Primary promotional method associated with a publisher.

This table will also show the average partner commission rate used within partner categories.

Once you’ve identified under-optimized partner groups, easily access Discover at the bottom of the table to find and recruit the appropriate partners to diversify your program.

Reach Metrics
Understand the value your partners add to the buyer journey by evaluating the number of partner touchpoints leading to a transaction:

  1. Traffic per Order:  Total clicks driven by Ascend™ divided by total transactions in the given duration.
  2. Partners Per Order:  Average number of partners in the click stream contributing to a transaction.
  3. Click Active Partners: Number of joined partners generating traffic.
  4. Revenue Active Partners:  Number of joined partners that have driven a conversion.
  5. For more information on the benefit of these metrics, visit the glossary.

View monthly trending in the charts below:

Engagement Metrics
Assess partner impact with metrics such as:

  1. % Single Partner Orders:  Number of transactions that have a single partner in the path to purchase divided by total orders
  2. % New to File Orders:  Number of orders driven by new customers divided by total orders. As a note, the definition of new customer is customized per brand.
  3. % Actionable Attribution Applied: Transactions driven by dynamic attribution features divided by total transactions.
  4. Time to Purchase (in Days):  Average number of days or hours between the first affiliate click in the path and the purchase date or time.
  5. For more information on the benefit of these metrics, visit the glossary.


Conversion Metrics
This section shows four metrics that help assess customer engagement at the end of the Customer Journey.

  1. Conversion Rate:  Total transactions divided by total clicks.
  2. Average Partner Commission Rate:  Total partner commissions divided by total partner revenue.
  3. Average Order Value: Total revenue divided by total transactions.
  4. Return on Ad Spend:  Total revenue divided by total partner commissions.
  5. For more information on the benefit of these metrics, visit the glossary.