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Dynamic Attribution Report

The Dynamic Attribution Report highlights those transactions where an attribution setting affected the outcome of the transaction. To access the Dynamic Attribution Report, navigate to Track Dynamic Attribution.

Within this report, there are two tabs. The first tab applies to the exclusive code, in-cart, preferred publisher, and first click settings. Transactions where one of these settings were applied to the order will also appear in your performance and transaction reporting. To filter the report, select a feature from the dropdown menu. Notice that there is a publisher type filter, which allows advertisers to filter by the attributed publisher versus the last click. Additional filters are available to refine your search further.
On the second tab, you’ll find reporting for transactions where a suppressed code was applied to the transaction. Suppressed code suppresses publisher commission whenever such codes are applied to a transaction; however, it does not suppress the site commission. As a result, suppressed commission amount is only publisher commission.

You can find information on configuring any of the various attribution rules in the Knowledge Center .

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact your account strategist or .