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Preferred Publisher


Preferred Publisher creates the ability to designate a single Publisher as preferred within a specific time period. When a Publisher is designated as Preferred Publisher, they will receive commission for any transaction in which they generated a valid click within the look back period.

Benefits of Preferred Publisher

Advertiser Benefits

  • Ability to utilize paid placements without significantly increasing costs and offered for specific amount of time

Publisher Benefits

  • Publishers are commissioned for their hard work for a valid click anywhere in the clickstream


Setting up Preferred Publisher

  • Only 1 publisher can be designated as ‘preferred’ during a time period
  • Preferred publishers can be scheduled in advance.
  • The advertiser must have dynamic tracking to take advantage of Preferred Publisher



Preferred Publisher can be enabled under Pay Attribution Settings.

This page will allow you to:

  • View Preferred Publishers
  • Add a Preferred Publisher
  • Enable the feature


How to edit Preferred Publishers

  • Choose ‘edit’ on the View Preferred Publishers page.
    • For Scheduled Preferred Publishers all fields are editable
    • For Active Preferred Publishers, only End Date is editable


preferred 3.jpeg

Preferred Publisher Reporting

  • New filter option for preferred publisher within Reports Attribution
    • Only orders where the publisher received commission because of Preferred Publisher functionality will appear
    • Will not show orders where they would have received credit anyway

                         preferred 4.jpeg