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Itemized Lists

Itemized lists can be utilized to issue commission on the Item or SKU level. Typically, merchants utilize item level commissioning to push specific items, protect margins, or to negate commission on items such as gift cards.

Setting up itemized commissioning can be done with doing the following steps:

  • Create new category list IDs
    • Under the settings tab click on itemized lists
    • Click “Add Itemized Product List” and then describe the products that will be grouped in it.
    • Once added it will create a blank list with a list ID to be used in your updated csv file.
  • Build your text or csv file
    • Must include the following 3 columns, but with no column titles/headers:
      • Item Name- the unique product name.
      • Item ID- the unique item # or product ID associated with a product (typically a SKU). This should match the format of the item ID corresponds to the ITEM(X) (ex: ITEM1, ITEM2) parameter of the tracking pixel or batch file.
      • List ID - the list ID associated with the product; one list ID may correspond with many products; list IDs are generated using the Pepperjam interface.
    • The file must be pipe (|) delimited.
    • There can only be one file per account, so that file must include all products and their associated Ascend list ID
  • Upload your new/updated list by clicking on "Settings”.
  • Lastly, update your commission terms on the main "publisher program terms" screen if you add new lists or want to edit the payout amount associated with the list(s). 


*Note: Manually uploading a product list will overwrite an existing list. If you choose the manual upload option, be sure that future uploads include existing data that should be preserved.