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Coupons are promotions or value propositions that could include a promotional code for consumers to enter in the shopping cart checkout for a discount on their purchase. A coupon affiliate needs these types of promotions to post on their site. To locate coupons navigate to CreativesCoupons  Some common coupons or promotions would be:

  • Site-wide discounts
  • % off
  • $ off
  • Free shipping
  • Buy 1 get 1 free


The add coupon button will allow you to add an individual coupon into your account and the bulk upload coupon button will allow you to upload more than one coupon at once. Let’s look at uploading an individual coupon. Click on the add coupon button.


Each coupon starts with the coupon name. The coupon name should have a title which accurately describes the offer, like free shipping, $10 Off, 10% Off etc. Next, select from the Promotions drop down to describe the offer you are adding. Your selection in the promotions drop down will help publishers find your offer.


Next enter in the coupon code. If the offer is applied automatically at checkout, please include “no coupon required” in your coupon description. Enter in the destination URL. The destination URL is the page you want your consumers to land on once they click on the coupon link. Then, enter in the coupon description. It’s important to include additional offer details for the affiliates to review.


Choose a visibility (public or private) - public allows all affiliates joined to your program to review and post the coupon onto their website or choose private and select an individual affiliate or group of affiliates to issue the coupon to. This option is commonly used when you have created a custom coupon for an individual affiliate or provide them an exclusive offer with a unique vanity code.


Lastly, choose a status of the coupon – active for affiliates to promote immediately or you may choose date range which will allow you to choose a start date and time as well as an end date and time. 

Advertisers can also allow their publishers to view coupons before the coupons are active. To do so select date range for the coupon and select Yes, allow to be viewed early from the View Early drop down menu. Then select the date you'd like publishers to be able to view the coupon. 

Advertisers may also set up Exclusive Coupons. Exclusive Coupons ensure that the assigned publisher will receive credit for any transactions where their assigned coupon has been utilized. Advertisers must pass back the coupon value in their pixel in order to activate this attribution feature. To learn more about Exclusive Coupons, view our user guide.