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Dynamic Commissioning Best Practices

Order vs Item level

  • Rules must be set at the Order or Item Level
  • Order Level rules are applied to total order amount
  • Item Level rules are applied to each Item individually
  • Item Level Commission Reporting is only available for Item Level Rules

Order of the rules

  • The Rules will be applied in the order they are listed
  • If more than 1 Rule applies, each of the actions will take place.

Commission Structure Best Practices

Order of Rules

  • Rules that set a new commission
    • Example:  Base Commission - 4%; If New to file, equals 5%
  • Rules that add to the commission
    • Example:  If Category A, add 2%
  • Rules that remove commission
    • Example:  If Category Gift Card, equals 0%

Item Level Commissioning

Set up all Rules at the Item Level

Exception:  Flat Bonuses. Flat Bonuses should be at the Order Level. If a Flat bonus is set at the item level, it will be multiplied by the number of items in the order