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In-Cart Attribution

In Cart Attribution analyzes timing variables in the clickstream to determine when a visitor has left your cart to find a promo code and is then able to credit the influential publisher with the commission instead of the promotion code publisher.

By paying the influential publisher a commission, it builds a better relationship with the publisher and the advertiser receives more of the traffic they desire.

Problem: Incorrect Publisher Attribution
A blog visitor reads a fantastic product review of a product on an advertiser’s site. The blogger put a lot of time in creating this post, which is evident because readers are instantly sold on the product. This is a high value publisher for the advertiser. The visitor clicks through the blog link and starts to make a purchase. Suddenly, the visitor opens a new browser tab to search for a coupon code, which they find.This click and commission is credited to coupon publisher for doing nothing to initiate the sale.

Solution: Attribution Time Threshold
With the attribution time threshold, advertisers now have the ability to credit the last publisher click prior to the time threshold. In the scenario above, the blogger would receive commission if the advertiser had In-Cart Attribution enabled.

• This is NOT used to suppress commissions, but only to credit clicks farther back in the clickstream.

• If there is no click to credit outside of the time threshold, then In Cart defaults back to standard last click
Setting Up In-Cart Attribution
  1. Go to Pay > Attribution Settings
  2. Clicks on Settings to the right of the In-Cart option
  3. Check the Enabled box in order to enable the feature

In-Cart Attribution Settings
  • Time Threshold = (expected time between a click and a transaction)
    • This is a manual setting for the program.
    • Defaults to 5 minutes but can be changed.
  • Attribution Lookback Period = (how far back in the data to look for a click outside of the Time Threshold)
    • This is always equal to the longest Cookie Duration in the program.
    • It can only be changed by altering the longest cookie duration


In-Cart Attribution Reporting

  1. Go to Reports > Attribution
  2. Select In-Cart from the filter and select date range

This report will provide details on both the last click publisher as well as the attributed publisher. 

Clicking on Details within that report will display the entire clickstream.