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Product Feed

A product feed, otherwise known as a data feed, is an excel, .txt, or .xml file that contains all of your products' information. Essentially it is a catalog of all items available on your site. While not required to launch a program on Ascend, we highly recommend having a product feed set up. To add a product feed to your program go to the Settings Product Feed.


We can accept the follow Types:

Identify your feed type, add the hosted feed url, choose the delimiter (tab, pipe, or comma) and download interval. Once finished click Update Feed Settings.

Product feeds process daily so be sure to check back the next day to view the feed information. You will see the last attempted date as well as last processed date and the total products included. If there are any errors you will see them listed as well.

It is important to note the feed cannot have over 500 product errors or it will not process within the system.

If you have any questions on adding a product feed or product feed errors be sure to reach to the advertiser support team, and we would be happy to assist.