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Basic Product Feed


1. Overview
2. File Formats/Delimiters
3. File Header
4. Field Definitions
5. Example Product Feed
6. System Upload
7. Rules

1. Overview

This document assists advertisers in uploading a product feed to Ascend.

2. File Formats/Delimiters/Encoding

The tab delimiter is the preferred way to delimit fields within a product feed.  The supported file encoding type is ISO 8859-1/Latin-1.



\t represents the tab character

3. File Header

The following header is required and must be the top line top of a product feed:


4. Field Definitions

Every field of each product record must be present. If there is not any data available for a field, it must be blank.

Field Description Data Type (Length)
Name Name Character (255)
SKU Stock keeping unit Character (40)
DestinationURL Destination URL Character (1023)
ImageURL Image URL Character (1023)
ShortDescription Short description Character (255)
LongDescription Long description Character (1023)
SalePrice Price with discount Number
Price Price Number
Keywords Keywords Character (1023)
Manufacturer Manufacturer Character (1023)
PrimaryCategory Primary Category Character (50)
*  Bold Fields are required


5. Example Product Feed


Example Product Feed

6. System Upload

In order to upload a product feed to Pepperjam, the feed must be available via HTTP GET. The Pepperjam data-transfer system will constantly refresh product data by downloading from the advertiser-specified URL.

7. Rules

  • The DestinationURL field must be unique.
  • All data within the product feed must be plain text format. HTML tags, CSS, and Javascript are NOT permitted.
  • The file header (PJN_PRODUCT_FEED_BASIC) must be present as the first line of the product feed.
  • The product feeds must reside on a web accessible location via HTTP GET.
  • No blank rows (records) are allowed.
  • Every column (field) of each product record must be present. If there is not any data available for a field, it must be left blank.

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