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Banners are a great way to display your brand with your new product lines or offers such as; free shipping, coupons, % off discounts, and much more. Banners should be updated with your programs current marketing calendar and promotions. It’s important to refresh them, remove all old promotions and add any new promotion to the account that is taking place at that time

To add banners into your account, navigate to Creatives > Banners.

  • This is your banner section. You can upload banners two ways. Individually (Add Banner button)
  • Bulk (Bulk Upload button)
    • Note: You must host all your banners individually to use the bulk upload feature.
    • After clicking the Add Banner button, you arrive at the “Add Banners” section.

Name: The banner name should have a title, like free shipping or your company name and include the banner image size.

Promotions: Help your publishers to easily find creatives that feature a certain promo type. A creative can have more than one promotion type.

Destination URL: The destination URL is the page you want your consumers to land on once they click on the banner image.

Hosting: Hosting drop down menu will provide two ways to upload a banner image. Either by browsing your computer folders for the banner image or by uploading a specific banner URL.

Upload: Click choose file button to retrieve your banner file from your computer folders.

Image Alt Message: The image alt message appears when a consumer scrolls over the image.

Description: Include additional banner/offer details in the description for publisher review.

Deep Link: Deep linking enabled allows the publisher to adjust the destination URL and direct traffic to another section of your website

Visibility: Public allows all publishers joined to your program to review and post a banner onto their website or choose private and select an individual publisher or group of publishers to review the banner image. The private option is used when you have created a custom banner for an individual publisher or provide them an exclusive offer with a unique vanity code.

Status: Select active for publisher’s instant review or you may choose a date range which will allow you to choose a start date and time and an end date and time.

Copy Button: This feature will copy all current banner data into a new banner section below. This feature will help you save time adding multiple new banners into your account.

Save Button: Saves banner into your account.

Add New Banner Button: Adds a new banner upload section below.

Cancel Button: Cancels current banner upload, all information entered will be deleted.


The most popular used sizes by affiliates are provided, but you do not have to use the exact sizes provided. You may create your own custom size banners outside of the recommended list below:

  • 88x31
  • 120x60
  • 120x90
  • 125x125
  • 234x60
  • 180x150
  • 250x250
  • 300x250
  • 120x240
  • 120x600
  • 468x60
  • 728x90

*Acceptable banner formats- jpg, jpeg, gif, and png. 

*Banners have a  2 MB file limit.