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Configuring Custom Segment Commissioning

In your Pepperjam account, you have the option to add custom segments. Custom Segment commissioning allows you to set up different commission rates based on any attribute that you want to pass with the order.  Custom segments can be used to track Customer LTV, Customer Type, Order Margin, In-store vs Online, Customer location, Customer demographics, etc.  This is beneficial because it allows you to tailor commissions based on profit margin and program goals. This also gives you the ability to view this data in your transaction level reporting.

Please note - In order to utilize custom segment commissioning, your program will need to use our dynamic tracking pixel and pass custom segment either through the pixel or through bulk upload.  If you have any questions or would like to upgrade your program’s tracking to dynamic commissioning, please reach out to Support.

To add new custom segments, go to the settings tabCustom Segments. From the Custom Segments Page, Select the Add New Custom Segment Button to add a new custom segment. 

custome segment1.jpeg
The Custom Segment ID will be passed in your pixel or batch file.  It is important to make sure that the Custom Segment ID that is created, matches what is passed.


  • Custom Segment ID is a 64 character alphanumeric field

  • Custom Segment Name is a 100 character alphanumeric field


 To update an existing customer segment, click on the edit link to right of the customer segment, you would like to update.

Custom Segments can be viewed on the Transaction Details Report as an optional column.  

Setting up custom segment level commissioning:

After you create all custom segments that you will use in your rules, you need to create a new term.  Choose Commission Terms from the settings tab to open the publisher program terms page.  From this page, select create new term.
After you create the term, you can add rules to the term by clicking on the ‘Add New Rule’ button. The next step is to add a condition to the newly created rule to match a custom segment.


You can also view more info on creating dynamic terms in your account here:  Dynamic Commissioning Best Practices.   

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