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Creating a New Commission Term

To create a new commission term, navigate to Pay Commission Terms. The Commission Terms page will display all current active terms within the program. The Assigned Publishers column will show the publishers that are assigned to that particular commission term. If publishers are assigned to the term, you can click on the hyperlinked number which will direct you to the Manage Publishers page, where you can see which publishers are in that commission term.

Click “Create New Term” to begin the setup process and follow the steps below:


  1. Enter the Term Name. The term name should be descriptive but not overly specific in case you want to assign multiple publishers to the term. For example, 5% Payout”
  2. Choose your Cookie Duration. 30 days is standard in affiliate marketing but you can shorten or lengthen this depending on how you want to pay your publishers. 
  3. Select your Base Payout.  Advertisers using dynamic tracking are encouraged to set percentage payouts at the item level, as it increases the quality of item level reporting
  4. You can choose Save Term to complete the setup process if you’re finished, or add in commission rules if desired (please see below for further instructions)
  5. The last step is to assign the term to your publishers. Instructions on how to do so can be found here:  Assigning and Changing Commission Terms

Adding Commission Rules

After completing steps 1-3 above, if you want to apply dynamic commission rules to the term, click Add New Rule. Note: The default maximum number of rules per term is 5. Dynamic commissioning best practices can be found here and you can create customized commission rates for:
Order Conditions
  • SKUs
  • Categories
  • Custom Segment
  • Coupon code use
  • Order amount or quantity
Publisher Conditions
  • Number of transactions or transaction sale amount by publisher
  • Sale Amount by Publisher in a month meets the threshold
  • Attributed Click's referral URL matches any of the supplied URLs
    • Note: When entering the referral domain URL, please include the protocol and subdomain, for example:
Customer Conditions
  • New to file customer transactions
  • Device type
Creative Conditions
  • Creative type or specific creative

After selecting Add New Rule, you will be prompted to enter a Rule Name (for example, “New to File 8%”). For most brands, the Rule Level should be set at the Item Level.

You will then be prompted to select and then save your condition. In the example below, we have chosen New-to-File.

The next step is to select the Action Type. For example, if you would like to pay out 8% on new to file transactions, the action type would be Equals Percentage 8%.

If you’re finished adding your commission rules, select Save Term. If we added this rule to the “5% Payout” term we created in the scenario above, publishers assigned to this term would receive a 5% commission payout unless the orders were new-to-file, in which case they would receive an 8% commission payout. The last step is to assign this term to your publishers.