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Code Suppression Best Practices

Code Suppression allows you to control budget by keeping your affiliate program free of promotion cannibalization. Publishers will not receive commission for transactions that include suppressed codes.
1. DON’T suppress codes that are available on your site!  

a. Codes provided when a customer subscribes to your email list
b. Codes that are highlighted for sales including Memorial Day or Black Friday.c. Codes that show upon a customer entering the site

2. DON’T suppress codes you want publishers to promote.

a. Codes that you highlight in publisher newsletters
b. Codes that are provided to a specific publisher

3. DON’T suppress codes that are working!

4. Do control what publishers should be promoting

5. Do include language into terms so publishers know that they can only use codes provided through Pepperjam Network

Learn more about setting up Code Suppression here: Code Suppression.